Epimetheus dreams of homecoming: of a life-giving career, of affordable housing, of shelter beyond refuge in his beloved ’68 Ford Falcon ...

Epi’s dream was conceived in late 1968 with the flight of Apollo 8, when his congenial despair was shaken by Moonbound visions of the generous Earth: “If the Earth is so beautiful, why do we make it so ... ugly?” Gravidid hopes flourished with the joys of Apollo 10 and 11, whereon Epi knew he had to seek his own Tranquility Base, only to find, with Apollo 12, that he had made “a bull’s-eye landing on the Ocean of Storms.”

The rage to fly to his own Moon had transmogged to the Rage of Rejection, all brought maddeningly home in the faces of headlined killers of the day. How to transcend defeat, and not succumb to such violent despair?

By invoking the epic tradition, he resolved to


endure all trials, including the descent into Hades—not to forget the return—a journey doubly mandated by his drafted participation in the Winless War. His faith was wavering in 1971 when Apollo 15 was launched, whereon Loxian Phoebos dispatched a prophet to affirm the landing of the lunar module: “A little later, Falcon will give birth to the Rover.”

A sign! A sign!

Epi at once forgot that slight adverbial phrase, “A little later ...”

Even so, he ne’er forgot a phrase from a book read in the Summer of Apollo: to live one’s life “in the light of eternity.” If one’s fading name is to be remembered, what spirits will it evoke?

In turn, in another decade, Epi found another guiding light: “But what the poet dreams of is the strenuous effort, physical, mental, and moral, of waking up to one’s true humanity.”

700 pages with 38 pages of notes

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July 1, 2018

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